Automatically create 2 Cards

Hi Community.

Could you tell me how I get Anki to automatically create 2 Cards (= a duplicate) at once of the same input instead of just one at a time?

Thank you


If you mean creating an exact copy of your cards, that’s not recommended, since it doesn’t make much sense from the SRS point of view.

If you mean creating two different cards from a single note automatically, for ex:
Card 1: Front > Back
Card 2: Back > Front

Then the easiest way is to use reverse cards:

No I mean an exact copy of the card although it is not recommended.

You can create an exact copy of the card being edited by using the sticky field feature. Simply add a note with the sticky field icon activate, and then click on “Add” again; repeat this process for each card you want to create a copy of.

However there are good reasons to NOT to do what you want to do: it will put the ankiweb servers under unnecessary stress and ( most importantly ) having identical content in different cards would lead to you reviewing much more than necessary.

Why do you need to do that?


Thank you so much. No you are completely right. I will not do it. But I wanted to know how it would be done to get more used to the different features of Anki. I love that tool. Thank you.

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