Any addon that copies several cards at the same time

Good evening, is there any addon that copies several cards at the same time and places them in the same deck?

Are you asking about making identical duplicates of notes?
Or about adding identical duplicate card types/templates for a certain note type?

While there can be some reasons to do either one, they are both probably bad ideas to do very much of, because you would be duplicating your workload [see link]. If you have a need to duplicate one note at a time – Notes > Create Copy.

Or maybe if you say more about your ultimate goal, someone might be able to suggest a better way to get there.

I found what I wanted, it was this addon here, thank you

I wanted to do front and back on a deck, but I only did front, so this addon will help a lot

If all you want is to add cards with the same information but going in the reverse direction [back → front, instead of front ->back], you don’t need to duplicate your notes or cards. You will just want to add another card type/template with the fields switched. Getting Started - Anki Manual