Copying an image occlusion card to the same deck, but changing the interaction

Hi - I am using the MacOS Desktop version of Anki. I have a number of Image Occlusion type cards that are “Hide one, guess one”. I would like to copy these cards into the same deck but have the copied cards be “Hide all, guess one”. I have looked at the solutions [here]( but option #1 doesn’t create copies in the same deck, option #2 uses an add-on that seems of mixed quality, and option #3 doesn’t copy the card.

I also tried right-clicking on the card in the deck browser interface but do not see an option to copy card:

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 8.41.08 PM

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

You’re in the “Cards” menu, but if you want to copy a Note (the set of information you entered), you need the “Notes” menu Browsing - Anki Manual . Then, based on the instructions for that Note type, Anki will create Cards. Getting Started - Anki Manual

Thanks, but I want to copy a card. Not a note.

I can see why you might think that, but that’s not how Anki works (I already posted a link explaining the difference between Notes and Cards).

What you asked for was how to duplicate this information/image, and apply Image Occlusion to it in the other “mode.” You can only use one mode per Note (explained in the other link I already posted). Assuming IO lets you change mode when editing your Note, this seemed like the quickest path for you.

Perhaps someone else with deeper knowledge of IO can give you an answer you like better.

Ah OK, I see what you’re saying! Sorry, I read the links you sent, but missed the distinction between notes and cards. Completely new to anki here, so apologies for my ignorance. I will keep trying.

Anki doesn’t have a built-in way to duplicate notes in bulk, as this is not something you’d typically want to do (having multiple copies of the same material will increase your workload). There are add-ons that offer such functionality such as, but I don’t have any experience with them.

While such a feature is not available, Anki does provide a somewhat similar option to create a copy of an existing note using Notes > Create Copy > Add.

Unfortunately, this function does not appear to work properly with the Image Occlusion note type. The ‘extra’ fields (Header, Back Extra, Comments) are copied correctly, while the ‘hidden’ fields (Occlusion, Image) are omitted and need to be manually added back.

Edit: actually, after using Notes > Create Copy > Add, the Image field appears to be non-empty, but Anki prompts the user to Select Image or to Paste Image from Clipboard nonetheless.

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