Image occlusion problem

Hey! I keep having problems with image occlusion. When I add a card it will always duplicate itself. In the browser it stands “Card 2” on one of them and “IO card” on the duplicate. If I try to delete one of the duplicates, both of them get removed… I can’t find the solution, and all my image occlusion decks have twice the amount of cards that it should have.

I’m just a happy user.

In Anki you create NOTES. According to rules you set in the card templates window Anki automatically generates CARDS from your notes. You review these CARDS. These cards only hold scheduling information and no content.

You can’t delete single cards. You can delete individual notes. Then all the cards that are generated from them are removed. This explains “If I try to delete one of the duplicates, both of them get removed.”

You can also remove a card template so that for all notes of a certain note type the “card 2” is deleted.

It seems that you want the latter. You seem to have somehow misconfigured the card templates for the IO note type.

Distinguishing between notes and cards might seem complicated at first but it’s a really powerful mechanism that can save you a lot of time in the long run.

for details see e.g.

If you don’t like the manual there are also many good videos about anki on youtube, e.g. for the difference between notes and cards there’s

If you can’t solve the problem with this info you might consider reposting in the official IO support thread where the add-on creator gets notified about your messages, Image Occlusion Enhanced [Official Support Thread] It’s likely that he’ll miss this thread.


Thanks for tips! Tried messing around with the “Notes” settings but nothing seems to work…

Something else I’ve noticed is that regardless of how many “Image occlusions” I make on one image, all the cards that are getting made are just called “Card 2” and the duplicate is called “IO card”. On other add-ons I use like for example “Cloze” the cards I make always come in order like: Cloze 1, Cloze 2, Cloze 3 and so on.

Regardless thanks for respons!

When you add a new card template to a note type the default names are “card 2”, “card 3” and so on. You can rename the card templates. The creator of the IO add-on renamed the first card template from “Card 1” to “IO Card”. So the card type that doesn’t belong in the regular IO note type is “Card 2”. I guess you want to remove “Card 2”.


  • click the “Cards…” button inside the editing screen.
  • at the of the window is a drop down menu that lists all cards types. Select “Card 2”. Then on the top right click the Options button. There’s “Remove Card Type”.


General rule: You should have backups and know how to restore them. If you just started and don’t have anything valuable in your decks that’s not important …

That worked!! Thank you so much, that made my day! Have been using Anki for a year, this have bothered me for a long time.