Image Occlusion Enhanced cards appear twice

I have been having issues with the add-on for a little while. At first I couldn’t create any cards because even though I hadn’t made any changes to the different fields and even after deleting and re-downloading the add-on, I kept getting an error message and had to manually create the proper fields, which finally made it possible to create cards (thank you to the troubleshooting section of the wiki!). I’m thinking this might be part of the problem.

Now, any card that I create appears twice when I want to learn/review them. So if I want to do 20 cards, it shows me 10 different cards, and then the same 10 cards again. The proper number of cards seem to get created, but when I go to “browse”, it always shows identical cards twice; once as “IO Card” and once as “Card 2” (as in the image). If I try to just delete Card 2, both are deleted. Is this normal?

Any way to fix this?

  1. go to “Tools -> Manage note types”
  2. from the window that opens select “Image Occlusion Enhanced” then click on “Cards…”
  3. on the top, there is a dropdown menu (in from of “Card Type”) click on it then from the menu select “Card 2”
  4. when you selected “Card 2”, click on “Options” in front of that dropdown menu. this will open another menu, select “Remove Card Type…”.

this should solve your problem


It worked! Thanks so much, you just saved my day!

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You’re welcome!
feel free to mark the topic as solved. it makes it easier for other people who might have the same problem in future to find out how to solve their problem.

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Thanks ! It perfectly answered my concerns as well!