Image Occlusion Add on Not Working


I have tried using this 1374772155 code to add on the Image occlusion. However, when creating a card and I click the image occlusion button I keep getting this message, which prevents me from creating the card.
“Error: Image Occlusion note type not configured properly. Please make sure you did not manually delete or rename any of the default fields.”

I have tried deleting the add on re-adding it, configuring it, restoring defaults, deleted Anki and re-downloaded it - but still no luck.

Please can I have some assistance?


There error message indicates that the card type doesn’t have the default field(s) that it requires to work. Are you using a modified or created card type? Have you removed or renamed any field?


I’m not sure if I ever removed or renamed something, by the sounds of the message it looks like I have. Is there any way you can help me to resolve it, please?