Anki hates me: image occlusion add on will not work

Hi I am trying to use the imagine occlusion add on and it keeps saying “Error: Image Occlusion note type not configured properly. Please make sure you did not manually delete or rename any of the default fields.” I have gone through the “help” link and I have not touched nor changed any of the fields so I don’t understand the problem. Additionally, I have removed and re-added the image occlusion twice with no luck, please help!!

Maybe you are using notes from a shared deck? Or changed Anki version recently?

See if this helps: Image Occlusion Enhanced error field names - #3 by deli

You could also try the following:

  1. Rename the note type ‘Image Occlusion Enhanced’ to something else
    e.g. ‘Image Occlusion Enhanced_1’
    (you can do this from the Browser or from the Add card window)
  2. The “Image Occlusion Enhanced” button should now work again
  3. Click on it and add a new card → this will automatically create a new ‘Image Occlusion Enhanced’ note type
  4. Open the Browser, select all your old Image Occlusion Enhanced cards, and change them to this new note type