Image Occlusion Enhanced error field names

Hey everbody,
everytime i try to add an image, to Image Occlusion Enhanced, it says "Error: Image Occlusion note type not configured properly. Please make sure you did not manually delete or rename any of the default fields“

I already checked the fields for the right naming and even reinstalled the whole add-on, but it did not work.

I am currently using Anki 2.1.35 and Image Occlusion Enganced 1.3.0-alpha6.

Thank you in advance

Can you try and see if the problem occurs in a new profile?

Thank you for your help, it works, but when i try to import my deck to the new profile the error occurs again.

Then it’s likely that the image occlusion note type in your original profile has been modified/corrupted.

If you check the note types in your new profile now, you’ll probably find that there are two Image Occlusion note types, (one or both might have a string of numbers at the end of the name). Find out which one works, and use Change Note Type in the browser (Ctrl+Shift+M) to switch the non-working cards over to the working note type.