Using "Create copy..." in Image Occlusion card doesn't copy the image

I wanted to create a copy of an “Image Occlusion” card. I used the “Create Copy…” button, but the window “Add” didn’t include the image.

I understand that some Anki users add multiple shapes into a single “Image Occlusion” card and this results in multiple cards being created, therefore most of the time they don’t need to use the option “Create Copy…” in an “Image Occlusion” card. However, I do need to create copies because, in my use case, I display information in the other fields related to the content that is being occluded. When I draw multiple occlusions in the same image, the fields are shared between the cards.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. I clicked on “Add” in the Anki main menu
  2. I changed the note type to “Image Occlusion”
  3. I pressed the button “Select image” and selected an image in my computer. I used this image
  4. I draw a rectangle over the word “Trachea” inside the image.

  1. I pressed the button “Add”
  2. I opened the card browser
  3. I pressed right-click on the image, then “Notes”, then “Create Copy…”

What happened?

The window “Add” that was opened when clicking “Create Copy…” didn’t use the same image as in the existing card. The screenshot below shows the window “Add” that was opened.

What should have happened?

The window “Add” that was opened when clicking “Create Copy…” should use the same image as in the existing card.

Personal thoughts

Different users might have different notions of creating a copy of an “Image Occlusion” card (i.e. the behavior of “Create Copy…” in an “Image Occlusion” card)

  • Should it copy the image along with the other fields?
  • Should it only copy the image not including the shapes?
  • Should it only copy the image including the shapes?

It suspect that most Anki users would agree that using “Create Copy…” in an Image Occlusion card should copy the image because the image is the main content of an Image Occlusion card.

Related links

An user described this behavior on this comment: (Jan 21, 2024).

System information

I’m using the latest release available as of time of writing on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS. I made sure that no add-on was toggled on so that they don’t interfere with the default behavior.

Version <U+2068>24.06.2 (33a92379)<U+2069>
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1
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Thanks, I’ve logged this on Using “Create copy…” in Image Occlusion card doesn’t copy the image · Issue #3247 · ankitects/anki · GitHub