Inbuilt Image Occlusion Card

After creating an image occlusion card using the inbuilt IO card type in 23.10+ versions, I want to re-use the image. Either copy the image from an existing io card or create a new card using an existing io card with the same image, can’t seem to do either.

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The image added using select file from file explorer, you can just re-select the same image for next image occlusion session, the anki will add same path if no changes happen to the image.

Sorry my bad, forgot to mention, it is a screenshot copied from clipboard, from some random article on the internet, that I cannot find again

In what contexts or subjects is the use of “Inbuilt Image Occlusion Cards” particularly beneficial, and why?

It is beneficial in adding IO notes on mobile device without IO addons.

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Currently it is not supported, it may be supported in future.

I have been using Image Occlusion Enhanced add-on for quite a while now. But i quickly switched to the in-built version as soon as it was introduced for the following advantages:

  1. The add-on cannot create cards only notes. So one image with three masks will generate 3 separate notes, which then becomes noisy among all my other notes.
  2. I study on an e-ink android tab, and the ability to edit the occlusion while I am studying is extremely powerful.
  3. The Image Occlusion editor interface doesn’t look like it was created in the 1980s
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I found simple solution / hack to do it.

  1. Select the card
  2. Click on preview
  3. Drag from outside to select the image, the image will get highlighted in blue
  4. Copy

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