Image Occlusion addon convert to Anki's built in IO

So now that Anki has its built-in Image Occlusion, I was wondering if the Image Occlusion addon is able to be converted?
Because I made a fair amount of IOs on the addon version and just updated. And from what I can tell, IO addon is not compatible on mobile whereas the built in IO is. Do I have to re-make the cards or is there a way to convert?

For now you could just continue using the cards as they are. They work across desktop and mobile and will continue to do so. You don’t need the add-on to review them, just to edit them. If you find yourself in need of that frequently, then I would just keep Image Occlusion Enhanced installed on your desktop and do your edits there. It works on 23.10+.

I’ve also been working on a completely new version of the add-on built on top of native image occlusion. That one might see a conversion tool added to it in the future.


if it’s a new re-write, would that be possible to add IO reveal one by one as in the closet add-on?

i knew how tight the time a medical staff’s will be, so just a wish only, thanks

btw, i tried gpt4 and it helped me some ways,

it knews anki and python quite well,
i wrote my own addon without looking up anki’s manual (i knew basic programming principles from school), that one can change main windows’s deck into the browser’s note’s deck. but since seems no one interested so i only posted that code somewhere here and didn’t make into an addon.

so, gpt4 may help.