Add-ons and Image Occlusion

Hello! I have been using Anki for my undergrad but took a year off. My Anki app and Ankiweb now look very different (Probably because I switched to a Mac). I had to use a friends Windows laptop to get the image occlusion add-on to my account. I now cannot use the image occlusion because my toolbar when making cards is missing the image icon. I have compared with other Mac users and they are not having the same issue. Images of my tool bar when looking at my decks on web and app, and images of missing icons when making cards are attached. THANK YOU to anyone who can help! I have also tried updating my app/Mac and nothing worked.

I’m usually on Windows laptop or my Android phone, but I sometimes use Anki on my iPad. This looks like the iPad Anki app. I might suggest using the desktop app as I don’t think the iPad app supports add-ons, at least to my knowledge.

Thank you for your response. I think you are right. Do you know if I can get the desktop app on my iPad? If so, how? I attempting to not have to buy a whole new device if possible. Again thank you!

Even though iPad Anki app doesn’t support add-ons, you can still use image occlusion by changing the type of note to “Image Occlusion”.

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When you said, “I switched to Mac”, that made me think you were on a MacBook, not an iPad. However, I don’t think iPad can support the full Anki version (what I am calling the “desktop version”). With that being said, going off off what ittipat said, I did some messing around on the iPad Anki and you can make Image Occlusion (IO) cards on the iPad. There seems to be a lot of limitations from what I can see and less options. Like in my IO cards, I change the square color to blue. I don’t see how you can do that on here, but I only messed with it for about 10min to give you these screenshots.

Click in the RED circle to change the notecard type to “Image Occlusion”, then click the squares in the GREEN circle to source your image.

This is what the IO creation looks like on iPad. So you can make IO cards on iPad with limited options, from what I can see.

Best of luck and happy studying!

Thank you for your reply! I will mess around on the iPad version more with you helpful info. I think for now I’m just going to pull out my HP and make cards on there for now.

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The mask color can be adjusted in bulk by editing the styling section of the notetype. Future desktop and AnkiDroid releases will also include this same image occlusion support, so it will work across all the platforms.