Anki Mobile (iPad) 2.0.67 Image occlusion?

So I want to use image occlusion on Anki however I’m using Anki mobile. Is there an add on for mobile? If so where and how do I get it? If there isn’t an add on does anyone know when image occlusion will be added on Anki mobile? Also if I add image occlusion to my Anki account on my laptop will I be able to use the feature on my iPad ?

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I don’t think there are any plans to include the add-on image occlusion in standard Anki, and thus AnkiMobile. Also, due to safety concerns, the AppStore doesn’t allow add-on functionality.

For Android (with AnkiDroid), there is a newly developed standalone application which allows creation of image occlusion cards:

For AnkiMobile, you are a little bit more out of luck, but this might help:

AnkiMobile will eventually get built-in image occlusion, but I’m afraid it will be some time before I have a chance to work on it. In answer to your earlier question, image occlusion cards you make on your laptop can be reviewed in AnkiMobile.

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Do you know when we will get the image inclusion feature for iOS?

It’ll be months at the least I’m afraid - I currently have my hands full with other parts of the code.

I have implemented the Image occlusion for Android. It can be downloaded from
But for iOS, I am trying to find better option to add cards from browser directly to AnkiMobile. I can successfully add card to AnkiMobile but the problem is that, Safari popup every time when cards get added.

But also there is web version.

Create cards and copy images to Anki folder.
And download output-all-notes.txt from side menu and generated deck from that one. It needs pythonista like app installed. Then using my python script, deck can be generated. But it is boring and long steps.
So, in next release I will try to reduces the steps to create deck for iOS and web version. So stay tuned.


Is there any update to when Image Occlusion will be available on Anki Mobile? Thanks for all your work behind the scenes!!

I’m afraid I do not have an ETA yet. It might make the next large feature update, but it’s too early to tell.


I’d like to express my desire for image occlusion on Anki mobile as well. Is there any way that we the community can contribute to its development?

That’s already happening - the work Mani is doing will likely become the cross-platform solution going forward: Image Occlusion Enhanced [Official Support Thread] - #62 by krmanik


Looks wonderful! I’m very happy to hear that mobile support for IOE is finally in the pipeline. A huge thanks to all people involved reading this.