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Image Occlusion in browser for AnkiDroid, AnkiMobile and Anki Desktop

For desktop there is already better image occlusion addon.
I have mainly implemented it for phone.

  1. For Android APK from release page can be downloaded.

  2. For iOS, web version of the app can be used.
    Note: I have tested it on iOS 11,12,13 and 14. But only on iOS 13 & 14 it is working.
    It may or may not work and indefinitly show loading message.

  3. For Desktop, the same web version of the app can be used.

The Android app copy images and notes data to AnkiDroid using AnkiDroid API. But in case of web version the deck generated using genanki and pyodide.



Update links for iOS and Desktop

For Android
GitHub - infinyte7/Anki-Occlusion: Image Occlusion for AnkiDroid