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Image occlusion not working in Anki iPad OS

I can’t create question masks over the images. I have the option for image occlusion in my iPad Anki but can’t use it… Please guide. @dae

I’m afraid add-ons only work with the computer version of Anki. While it’s possible to display image occlusion cards inside AnkiMobile, you need to use the add-on in the computer version to create them.

Last year, you said in a reply that image occlusion will take months to come on iOS… When will it come ? Any update ?

You can use this image-occlusion-in-browser to create image occlusion decks in iOS/iPad OS.
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View this post for more.

Open image-occlusion-in-browser browser and start creating image occlusion decks.

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I said “months at the least” back in Oct, and I’m afraid that’s still the case - I am still busy reworking Anki’s foundations.

It is not working in my iPad 8th generation. It keeps on showing loading in the status section. I tried to create cards ignoring that but can’t create one.

I will try to improve it for iPad 8th Gen device. Thanks for the feedback.

Also it will be great if you add drag and drop feature for iPad & also Apple pencil support for drawing the question mask boxes.

The image occlusion for iOS is updated and made using only javascript.

For iOS and Desktop
Anki Image Occlusion

Source: GitHub - infinyte7/image-occlusion-in-browser: Create image occlusion in browser

For Android
GitHub - infinyte7/Anki-Occlusion: Image Occlusion for AnkiDroid