Image Occlusion in AnkiMobile

When will AnkiMobile get in built image occlusion function ? I have the asked same question on May’21 and the answer was it will take months…:sob:

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Foundational updates have taken longer than originally expected. Hopefully we’re not too far off at this point.


Luckily I still haven’t reached my Anatomy block, cant wait for the Image Occlusion update!


Do you have updates about image occlusion arriving on AnkiMobile?
How long do you estimate will it take?


Sorry, I’m not in a position to provide a concrete estimate yet. Things have not settled down from the recent large desktop+AnkiMobile releases yet, and the recent changes to the desktop editor need to be integrated into AnkiMobile before an image occlusion feature can proceed. It hasn’t been forgotten about, and is being slowly worked towards.