[Feature request] Making a new IO card by copying the image from another IO card

Right now, if I want to re-use an image that is used for an Image Occlusion card, I have to manually find it in collection.media. This is inconvenient. Ideally, I want the workflow to be like this:

  1. Copy the image from IO card A
  2. Click ‘Add’
  3. Copy-paste that image
  4. Start making a new IO card B with the same image
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You can’t add extra masks to the existing I/O note instead?

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I would prefer to have separate notes in some cases.

In this post there is a hack to do it:

  1. Select the card
  2. Click on preview
  3. Drag from outside to select the image, the image will get highlighted in blue
  4. Copy

But yes, there should still be easier way to copy the image

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Well @dae, seems like I’m not the only one who would appreciate the copy-paste image feature

Just a reminder. Btw, this would be very useful for converting old IO cards (made using the add-on) into new ones.
EDIT: just to clarfiy, ideally, I want to be able to select an image from the card’s field, click Copy, and then use “Past image from Clipboard” of the native IO. Also, right now I have no idea what selecting an image in a field and clicking Copy even does. So far I tried:

  1. Pasting that image into another field of the same card :x:
  2. Pasting that image into MS Paint :x:
  3. Using “Paste image from Clipboard” of native IO :x:

The way I see it, selecting an image in a card’s field and clicking Copy doesn’t do anything at all.

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