Every card I make is labelled as a duplicate

Everytime I click ‘Add’ to add a new card to my deck, the entire flashcard becomes highlighted in red and at the bottom it says ‘show duplicates’.
How do I make this stop?
Recently I uploaded my cards to Anki Web so does it have something to do with that?

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If, some reason, you put a field common to multiple cards first, just exchange the order of this field with one that is always unique in “Manage Note Types” or you could use a different Note Type for those cards.

I assume you made the first field sticky (clicked the pin icon). You have not created a duplicate yet, but Anki warns you that if you keep the first field, it will become a duplicate.


Thank you! I unpinned it and now its back to normal.

exactly! :joy:thank you so much. It helped a lot!

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