Duplicate Error

I hadn’t changed any settings or made any updates and suddenly every time I try to add a new card to a deck, the box will turn red with a duplicate alert. I know that the new cards I’m putting in aren’t duplicates though and when I click the “show duplicates” link- there’s only one card there (the one I just made). I tried adding a card to a different deck and have same problem. Does anyone know if there’s just a simple setting I need to switch off?? I deleted the app from my computer and redownloaded but that didn’t fix it.

You probably have the sticky field option toggled on for the first field, which will cause Anki to warn you immediately after adding a note, because as the content of the field didn’t change, it’s now identical to a note you just added.


You were right. Idk how that happened! Thank u

This solution helped me, as well. Thank you very much, Abdo.