Bullet points not showing

I’m new to Anki so I am just wondering how do I fix this:

When using the bullet points it doesn’t show, must be an option I am missing but like I said I am new

Could you please show the whole note and the template? There is content on the card that is not visible in edit view.

Need to post the card template to take a look, then again, if you switch the note type the problem will prob be solved

To create a new type of note, choose Tools → Manage Note Types from the main Anki window. Then click “Add” to add a new type of note. You will now see another screen that gives you a choice of note types to base the new type on. “Add” means to base the newly created type on one that comes with Anki. “Clone” means to base the newly created type on one that is already in your collection. For instance, if you’d created a French vocab type already, you might want to clone that when creating a German vocab type.
Adding a Note Type

While adding, you can click on the top left button to change note type, and the top right button to change deck. The window that opens up will not only allow you to select a deck or note type, but also to add new decks or manage your note types.
Changing Deck / Note Type

In case you want to still use the same note type then:
Type in Preformatted text (Crtl + E) the back template and styling

here are the templates, sorry if this is not what u were looking:

Your note type is a Basic (type in the answer)

This is essentially Basic, with an extra text box on the front where you can type your answer in, after flipping to the back your input would be checked and compared with the answer. More information is available in the Checking Your Answer section.

this card does not support Images nor lists (bullet points included)

Only one typing comparison can be used on a card. If you add the above text multiple times, it will not work. It also only supports a single line, so it is not useful for comparing against a field that is comprised of multiple lines.
Checking Your Answer

If you wish to change your cards from Basic (type in the answer) to Basic then:

  1. Open Browser tab
  2. Select "Basic (type in the answer)”
  3. Crtl + A (will select all of the cards), then right click on one one the selected cards → “Notes” → "Change note type”
  4. Alternatively, you can use Shift + Crlt + M for "Change note type”

Don’t mind the template, your “Change notetype” should be like this

if you haven’t a Basic note type then
then right click on one one the selected cards → “Manage Note type” → “Add” → Basic

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thank you for the help but is there a way to make the images and bullet-points appear while also having a text box for an input of answer allowing me to compare my written answer to the actual answer?

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