Anki answers' format doesn't show correctly

I have tried reinstalling multiple times as well as disabling add-ons but my answers keep showing in one line and I can’t view the images I put in. I put italics as well as bolds in my answers fields but they just don’t show.
I’m new to Anki so I don’t know if this is normal but hopefully not. Does anyone know how to fix this? Much appreciated.

there are 2 possible reasons for this:

  1. you have created this card in Basic (type in the answer) note type
  2. you have edited card template and changed {{Back}} to {{type:Back}}

now, press Edit on that card and, then in the edit window press Cards...

in the new window that opens, top left corner.

if it says Card Types for Basic simply go to Back Template and change {{type:Back}} to {{Back}}

I think this one is more likely to solve your problem and you might not need to continue reading this

if it says "Basic (type in the answer)"

but if it says Card Types for Basic (type in the answer)

you’ll need to change not types for all cards that you have created in that way.
for this, go back to main window, click on browser (you can press B instead).
from there, find all of your notes that are like this, select them and then right click on one of them.
from the menu, select Change Note Type
and in this window that opens, click on Basic (type in the answer) and then select Basic

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Thank you for your reply, but if I want to type in my answers instead of just flashcards, is there no solution for this?

what do you mean?
when using a type in answer card, you should type the whole back field. that’s how it works

as for the images, you can create a separate field for them an put them there.
you can’t put images in type in fields.

I get what you’re saying, but I just don’t want the back/answers field to be in a line and sort of clustered like that. A photo that I attached in the back field didn’t show up and I don’t know if that’s normal for this type of cards because I’ve only been doing type in cards.

it’s normal.
it’ll highlight the letter that you don’t get right.

I think this is what you typed:
esters from trglycerides forming with a simple alcohol to create biodiesel
but what’s on the back of the card is:
A reaction between triglyceride and a low molar mass alcohol. - Reaction:

now, on this card, if you don’t exactly type in A reaction between triglyceride and a low molar mass alcohol. - Reaction: it’ll highlight the missed letters.

this type of cards are good for language learning, when you want to learn spelling of words.

Thank you for your responses, is there anyway it can only show my answer and the Back field without comparing? Because I find typing is easier to do Active Recall than speaking out loud like flashcards.

you can change {{type:Back}} to {{Back}} (on back template)
but in this way, anki won’t remember your text input.

you can also create an empty field, replace {{type:Back}} on front template with {{type:FIELDNAME}} and never put anything in that field (basically just an empty field to make anki remember your input but not compare it to anything)

The typing feature expects to be fed a small word or phrase that fits on a single line. Any newlines in the text are collapsed, and images and removed, because you can’t type them in. If your field contains multiple sentences or newlines, typing in the answer may not be the best solution.

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