Images do not show up anymore on anki

Hello everyone; i have a problem

Since one week now, the pictures on my anki flashcards are not showing up anymore.
I made sure the images and audios are synchronized automatically.
I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Anki and the problem still persists.

What can i do?

Thank you

What platform are you talking about? Do they not show up on every platform? Did they first show up, and then stopped? If yes, what have you done that might have caused it.

I talk about anki on windows 10 and on iphone. The issue is the same in both platforms

Yes, i use anki since 1 year and i never had this kind of problem.

The images that i put on ‘‘extra’’ are still there, but they just do not show up anymore while revising my flashcards.

I did not do anything unsual on my anki this previous day, that’s why i’m asking.

Do someone had the same problem before?

For more precision, the issue concerns only the contents that i add on ‘‘Extra’’ of a ‘‘Cloze’’ type card (it can be an image, a text, etc.)

When i add a picture on a ‘‘Basic’’ type card in the back, the images show up.

Okay, in that case you probably removed the Extra field from the Cloze template.
In AnkiDesktop, open a Cloze card in the editor, click “Cards…”, and look at the Back Template. The default should say this:

{{Back Extra}}

Make sure that yours has the {{Back Extra}} part on it.


Indeed, the Extra field was removed from the Cloze template.

I did what you told me and everything is fine right now.
I can finally study as I like.

Thank you so much for your help

if you edit the default templates, it has an effect across all other cards using the template, so the best is usually to make a new template based on the original and apply that then to specific deck cards.