Weekend / Vacation Scheduling Ahead of time ideas

It would be great if for weekends, you could have any cards that would otherwise be put on weekends moved up to Friday or back to Monday automatically if people want to give themselves a break. (Or even just for Sunday; move up or down 1 day automatically.

This same principle could be used for vacations. Schedule a vaca ahead of time and then when cards are advanced, automatically have it move before / after this scheduled vacation.

Even more advanced (but not necessary) would be to only do this for cards that are more ingrained, ie ones that are pushed out at least “x” days such as 30 days. That way, if you just wanted a slower study weekend / holiday, only the most fragile new cards would come up, while other ones less sensitive would move up / down around the weekend / vacation “. (But probably a lot more programming for this.)

Thanks everyone, as always I can’t speak for others but I would be happy to pay a premium for these premium suggestions to make it viable.

Just sometimes doing Anki everyday for fear of being behind is one of the only drawbacks to daily spaced repetition.

Anki doesn’t have a built-in automatic way to do this yet, but you can use the ‘set due date’ item to move cards forward or back. I think there are also add-ons that claim to offer this functionality, but I don’t have any experience with them.

I completely agree with your ideas for weekend and vacation scheduling ahead of time.
Having cards automatically moved up to Friday or back to Monday, or even just for Sunday, would be a great feature.

The new FSRS4 algorithm has implemented this.