Having a day off


I need a day off, and I just want to postpone all cards by 1 day.

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a good answer.

The last mandatory update was really bad, it made me redo hundreds of cards and made all addons obsolete so I can’t use the vacations addons that previously existed.

Anybody knows a way to do that?

I am not looking for tricks, I need to move all cards due date by one day.

I am in anki burnout please help me.

And thks for not hiding my comment that is really mean.

Thks for your help, anybody, thks!!! :slight_smile:

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You can select cards due for today in the browser, use this search criteria: is:due.
Then “3 dots menu” (in the upper right) → Select all. Then “3 dots menu” → Reschedule.
But as a side note, if you reschedule all today’s cards to tomorrow it will have virtually the same effect as not doing anything - in both scenarios today’s cards will be due tomorrow.

Yes this is absolutely not what I want or need.
I need to postpone all cards by one day.
All other options are useless :frowning:

Do you mean to shift all of the current and future cards for one day?
To my knowledge, it’s not doable from the Ankidroid level.


There is a way to reprogram the due date but not sure you can include a variable in the new due date

You can set arbitrary due dates using the “3 dots menu” → Reschedule feature.
However, by using this you can either reschedule all selected cards to one day or divide them randomly through the day range. No option to just move all cards in regards to their current due date.

Yeah, I saw that, that’s not what I need :confused:

It’s incredible this life saving functionnality does not exist.

Thanks for answering.

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I don’t think there is a mandatory update in Desktop (I am guessing you are using Desktop Anki as well, since you are talking about addons). You can go back to a previous version and keep using the “vacation addons” you were talking about. See: Profiles - Anki Manual

I am using ankidroid.
The update was mandatory, it was impossible to sync until I did it. :frowning:

FSRS4Anki Helper

You might need to update to AnkiDroid 2.17alpha3 if you are on beta from play store, don’t worry about it

What do you mean by “don’t worry about it”?
Update to do what?
Last time I updated I finished working 3h a day for 1 week to review all my cards that had been messed up. Not particularly enthousiasmed to do this again XD

Thks :slight_smile:

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haven’t tried it myself, but looks like becoming a VIP member would give you access to premium add-ons (i.e. weekends&holiday add on)

Im sorry, meant to say: if you are on beta in ankidroid from playstore, then you already are in 2.17 alpha3

this version brings FSRS initial support, which is an alternative to vacation days add-on

FSRS4Anki Helper is an Anki add-on that supports FSRS4Anki scheduler. It has six main features:

  • Reschedule cards based on their entire review histories.
  • Postpone a selected number of due cards.
  • Advance a selected number of undue cards.
  • Balance the load during rescheduling (based on fuzz).
  • No Anki on Free Days (such as weekends) during rescheduling (based on load balance).
  • Disperse Siblings (cards with the same note) to avoid interference & reminder.

Thks all.

I found a way, not satisfying, but still…

I added a postpone addon on my computer.
I sync from the web then send it back to web then sync again on ankidroid.

I am too afraid to update my ankidroid, it messed up too much last time. If I find the will, I will try fsr.

Thks for your support :slight_smile:

I think postponing the review of Anki cards is not a great choice.
Even though you took a break, your forgetting mechanism won’t take a break.
When I’m too busy to complete all the reviews, I focus on reviewing as much as I can. Then, when I have free time, I raise the upper limit of the maximum number of reviews to catch up. I know that if I start setting delays, I’ll keep setting the next one.
Instead of spending time setting how to postpone, it’s better to spend time thinking about how to improve review efficiency with better review algorithms. Just for reference.


Thks, but I don’t need any advice about postponing or not, and this is not what I asked here.

I have been using anki all days for over 3 years now, I know all there is to know about how memory works.

We are not machines, feelings are much more important, and when you feel in prison because of anki algorithm, like I explained, this is the time when your advices are neither asked neither wanted.

I hope people in anki burnout read me here.

If you feel overwhelmed, just postpone a day or 2. NO that’s not the most effective, but who cares, if that makes you feel better, that’s much more valuable!!

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From my side, I am using “relative overdueness” as reviews sorting method. By using that when I don’t have time to do all reviews I at least do potentially most needed ones.

This is very simple - just don’t do your reviews on any day you need a break. It’s not going to hurt anything. There’s no need to reschedule anything. Just don’t do them one day. Or two. It’s fine. When you come back you’ll have a few extra reviews to catch up on, but even then you don’t have to do them all. Just do as many as you feel like and leave the rest. Or set an explicit review max for that deck.

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After 3 years of using the app daily, I of course already did that.

If I posted here the message I posted, it’s because that simply does not work for me.

So, thks again for the advice, but once again, I did not ask for it, and I do not need it.

Not everybody has the same mindset, so please stop pressing your opinion on me, that’s simply insulting.

Respect that other people mind work different ways.

Have a nice day.

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Huh. Anki still does this, eh? Absolutely ruthless algorithm that never lets you rest.

Even though you took a break, your forgetting mechanism won’t take a break.

The brain needs its reward center activated. Completing all cards for the day feels good and is an important part of learning. Taking a week’s vacation only to come back to a pileup of thousands of cards that will take you a month to catch up on is demoralizing. It makes you want to give up studying.