No new cards on the weekend, just reviews

I’m using Anki with my son and I’d like to give him a break on one or both weekend days, but only for new cards, not for reviews (delaying which should compromise recall and/or double review load after skipped days). I found two addons about skipping ALL cards (new and review) on weekends (or arbitrary days), but those addons don’t appear to support just skipping new cards. Am I just not searching the addon list properly, or is this possible some other way?

If you can’t find any, there’s always the manual option of changing the limit to 0 on the weekend and then changing it back on Monday. With the v3 scheduler, you can also update the limit for one day, and it will automatically reset the next day.

Thanks, I didn’t know about the v3 scheduler’s “today” option! That’s a pretty good substitute. But I also see it has easy Javascript overriding for the entire collection’s scheduling. Could that be a way to simply return “0” for “new cards” on a certain day? The example given under add-ons-and-custom-scheduling doesn’t seem to do anything like that, and the linked documentation at scheduler.proto seems to be pure code with no comments or documentation. Is it documented somewhere else?

I’m afraid JavaScript can not be used to change which cards are gathered that day.

Ah, bummer. I’ll mark ‘today’ options as a solution for now. Might come back to it in the future if that gets too inconvenient and I want to update one of those addons to work only on new cards. Thanks!