How to spread all due review cards out over next week

I’m trying to figure out if there is an addon that will do something specific. I’m asking for a friend who I’m trying to get into Anki with a deck I have built for language learning.

Say I want to take Sunday off every week. Is there some addon or tool that will allow me to skip doing any reviews or learning on Sunday and come back monday morning, and distribute all of the review cards (maybe excluding learning, since those learning steps are shorter) over the next few days or week with a single click?

The Free Weekend addon only works on the desktop app, and all the reviews would be done on Android, so I figure it would have to be some tool that retroactively reschedules cards that were past due.


I'm going on vacation. Can I pause the scheduler? - Frequently Asked Questions. Anki will automatically reschedule everything you should have been reviewing someday, but did not. You will not “miss” a review.

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The Set Due Date action allows you to spread cards out over a desired period, or you can just set your daily review limit to slightly above your average daily workload, and the cards you don’t get to when due will come back over the following days.

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