How to reschedule all decks for future?


How to reschedule my decks for the next future, so that all my decks will be stop and off for two weeks or any of my desired time? I need to study something else and need to away from Anki and then back to it after two weeks and continue my flashcards study from where I left them. What’s the setting and where?



Keep in mind, that most times, solutions is the FAQ ( or Manual) do not take into account the options which may exist in add-ons.

I would not use the Review Ahead; reasons:

  1. there is 99% chance you will do it wrong
  2. It takes time to learn
  3. Custom deck is not user-friendly in Anki 2.0

Do nothing, BUT when you come back, i suggest reviewing cards in “Ascending interval order” – to deal with smaller interval cards first – in order to reduce the possibility of failing to recall them. There are other measures you should take to make the process of working thru the overdue pile more efficient, like 'Do you fail the overdue card or reschedule it? ’

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