Option for IOS and AnkiDroid Days off option

I would always get burned out doing Anki after awhile and I feel having days off would help a lot…Even one day or two days a week. I did on my iPhone at a friends house during new years :frowning: instead of completely engaging :frowning:

This works on PC but not on IOS :frowning: or AnkiDroid. I study on AnkiIOS

the option would not just schedule new cards but reschedule cards already scheduled for days off and it would be nice to load balance. But even having the option to take a day off would be very helpful.

I love this software it did push my memorizing to limits that never new existed. But burnout is real and I need to have days off…

If you can’t manage the waiting cards after you come back from a few days off, you can leave some of the cards and do them the following day. If you don’t want to see the higher due count, setting your daily review limit to reviews_in_one_week / days_to_study_per_week will smooth things out.