Free weekend usable on iOS?

I have the desktop on Windows 10, but mostly review on an Ipad. Will the Free Weekend plugin function with this setup? Can I balance the load on the desktop, the have that transfer to ios, or are they completely separate? I take Sundays off and am trying to keep the algorithm intact.
Thanks all.

If you do scheduling changes (set due dates) on desktop, they are saved to the collection, a database in a format every client understands (e.g. AnkiMobile). So yes, it’s possible.

However, if you review new cards on your iPad on a saturday and do not edit the schedule on desktop afterwards, cards will be scheduled for sunday, of course.

Ok great thank you for the response. Sounds workable.

SO if I review on IOS and then sync how would I update that on desktop?

I don’t know that add-on, but I had assumed you’ve already used it on Anki Desktop. Did the add-on author provide any instructions on the download page?

The workflow would probably be

  • do your reviews on iPad and sync
  • sync on Anki Desktop
  • do whatever the add-on does
  • sync again

OK awesome, thanks for the answer. Might just work out!

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