Your decks here and on ANKI WEB differ

I have tried many solutions for the “your decks here and on ANKI Web differ.” The correct version is in my iPhone and iPad. So I have updated my iPad and iPhone to upload and the PC to download. But every time I sinc the PC, the same error appears, “your decks here and on ANKI WEB differ.” I have tried deleting the ANKI and re-installing but nothing seems to work. The good news is that the iPad and iPhone sync perfectly between each other. But I need to have these sync with the PC for multiple reasons. One of them being that I like to backup my cards every few days. Any suggestions?

If you choose “upload” on your mobile device and then “download” on your computer, the next sync shouldn’t show that message again. If it does, please try tap Check Database in AnkiMobile’s preferences screen. Does it report any issues? If you then upload again, and download on the computer, does that resolve the issue?

I tried the Check Database in both my iPHone and iPad with a successful result. I deleted ANKI again and re-installed it again. But to no avail. Every time I sync it requires of me to go through the very same process again of being asked the questions over and over. That is, the DOWNLOAD OR UPLOAD options. I check DOWNLOAD as my iPhone and iPad are correct. I then continue with the questions, checking YES then NO. I have success in that it tells me that I can now update to the new scheduler. I say UPDATE, then YES, then NO. I get the message SCHEDULER UPDATED CORRECTLY. But then I have to keep doing that over and over. I am willing to do ANYTHING to make this work. Thanks for the help.

By the way, I no longer am being asked to UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD from my mobile units.

If there is someone who can use TeamViewer to help me, I would be soooo grateful.

As mentioned on The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions, after updating to the new scheduler, you’ll need to upload from the computer version, and then download on to your other devices. Once that is done, things should be back to normal.

I knew it had to be something simple I was not understanding. I was missing the last part of these instructions. After syncing the computer version it added additional cards (something that the instructions explains should be expected) into my study as undone. And THEN, and this is where I went wrong, I needed to download to my devices just as you mentioned. I had been reading those words but not getting it. Many thanks to you DAE, and everyone else, for your patience. I succeeded.

I’ve tweaked the docs to hopefully make this clearer. Glad to hear you’re up and running now!