Syncing Issue - Discrepancy in Anki Card Numbers between iPad and Laptop

Hello Anki community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m reaching out because I’ve encountered a syncing problem between my Anki app on the iPad and my laptop, and I’m seeking your expertise to help resolve it.

The issue is that, despite both devices being connected to the internet and syncing being enabled, I’m noticing a difference in the number of Anki cards. The count on my iPad appears to be higher than that on my laptop.

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has insights into what might be causing this issue?

Do you by any chance have more than one AnkiWeb account? Maybe the two devices are syncing separately to different accounts.

Also, is Anki up-to-date on both versions? If one has an older version, they might not be using the same scheduler.

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Are you able to reproduce the problem after updating your computer version of Anki?

Yes one anki account, and yes both apps are up to date, I changed my scheduler setting on the windows app, but I thought that the schedules would be in sync

Yes, i can

You appear to be using 2.1.66, which is not the latest version. Please grab the latest version from the website and try again. If the problem persists after updating, please check on AnkiWeb - do its counts match your iPad or your laptop?

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