Anki Mobile Calendar 1 Day Ahead

I’ve been splitting my anki workload between the desktop and IOS app, very carful to sync before using either. However, I noticed that the calendar on my IOS app is 1 day ahead of reality. For example, on January 6th, I did a total of 700 cards. My heatmap on desktop shows this accurately. When I go to IOS, it shows that I did those 700 reviews on January 7th instead. I wouldn’t mind if this error was purely cosmetic, but it messes with my scheduling. If I do a new card Jan 6, instead of having it schedule for Jan 7th as it should, it schedules as Jan 8th if I do it on on the iPad. So any card I do on the iPad has its scheduling delayed a day

Has anyone else had this issue? I couldn’t find anything similar by searching/

Please either let me know the email you sync with over on, or let us know the versions of Anki and AnkiMobile you use, and whether you’re using the v2 scheduler.