Anki mobile as primary review device would benefit from some plugin support

I use Anki desktop to create and edit my cards and I like to review on iPad.

Since discovering the Free weekend plugin, I’m not able to review on iOS anymore, because the rescheduling done by the free weekend plugin wouldn’t happen.

I think review is the main use of mobile devices and a bit more flexibility in terms of scheduling would make them more useful.

Would it be possible to implement a way to support this kind of scheduling plugin in mobile? Maybe just making it part of the core functionality…

I could be wrong, but I don’t think plugins can be “ported” to iOS because App Store is the only distribution platform Apple allows and every app is in its own sandbox.

I imagined a file you could open in the application, via dropbox, icloud etc. that would modify preferences inside the app.
similar to a Shoertcut downloaded from RoutineHub…

that’s why I’m advocating this kind of support only for “plugins” that would modify the scheduling, I think it would be easier to implement than a card creation plugin.

I’m afraid Apple’s rules and the current architecture make this impossible at the moment.

I understand.
Would it be possible to implement a preference directly in Anki mobile, to lighten the load on selected days, say weekend?

The Free weekend plugin uses the fuzz to make this possible, so in theory it should be feasible in the app.
Maybe a poll among mobile users could show if there is interest in the feature…

I’m insisting because at the beginning I loved reviewing on the iPad, but now I need to do it on the Mac if I want a manageable load on weekends…

You can approximate this by dividing your weekly review load by 5 and setting your daily review limit to that number. When you come back on a Monday you’ll have the same number of cards to review as you did the Friday before.


Late reply, sorry.

I’m afraid your solution wouldn’t work with my setup because my settings for max review is the max in all decks.

If I understand correctly the algorithm, I have no weekly load, it just presents me all the cards that are due that day.

Am I missing something?

Maybe a setting to tweak the scheduler could be part of the code of iOS app, I’m not a programmer so I don’t know if what I’m requesting is a massive undertaking. But anyway what would be the best place to place such a feature request?

You can nest all of your decks under a single top level deck to apply a global limit.

This is the correct place for feature requests, and I’ll bear your suggestions in mind for a future update.

Apple and Google are being so ridiculous with their app store rules, I only see myself writing web apps in the future. Maybe that could be the future of anki as well. There’s almost nothing you can’t do in a progressive web app, including offline support.