AnkiMobile IOS can not support "custom scheduling" javascript?

According to the official documentation said that: “Because this is implemented in JavaScript, it is not limited to the computer version. AnkiMobile supports it as well”, this sentence is quoted from, The original meaning of the sentence is that javascript supports the mobile side, but why after I enabled custom scheduling and set the JavaScript script, but the card interval time seen on the PC side is still different from the one seen on the Apple phone, is it that the Apple phone anki does not yet support this javascript custom scheduling?

I finded the answer:
from here:
FSRS4Anki Helper can reschedule all cards, but you can select one deck to be rescheduled - click on the “gears” icon next to the deck name and choose “Reschedule cards in this deck”.

FSRS4Anki scheduling works only on desktop, because it’s using the custom scheduling feature, that is not available on the mobile. So cards scheduled on desktop by FSRS4Anki will appear in “proper” time on mobile. But after answering on mobile they will be scheduled by standard Anki algorithm.

What I implemented, as I am sometimes doing more reviews on the mobile than on desktop: I created filtered deck with the following search criteria: rated:2 -is:learn. It selects all cards rated today and yesterday, that are in review state. Then I rebuild this filtered deck, click “Reschedule cards in this deck” and empty it. By doing that I have all cards scheduled according to the FSRS4Anki, but I am not rescheduling all cards, only the ones answered recently.

You can use FSRS with custom scheduling, but you need to update AnkiMobile to 2.0.88 or later. It’s rolling out slowly, but you can grab it immediately from the app store page.

Yes, I upgrade to the latest version on my iPhone, It works very well the same as the PC version. Thanks for the job author did.

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