Do the current version of anki mobile 2.0.9 supports v2 scheduler?

Hello I’m new to anki. Do anki mobile 2.0.9 have an upgrade to version to 2.1 ? I don’t see the option or notification to upgrade. Here are some issues that I’m having:

  1. On the current version I’m using for anki mobile, I only see one option to “reschedule” in filter decks. I don’t see the “Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck” option. I want to start using filtered decks on anki mobile to catch up on some cards, but afraid that my progress in the filter deck won’t be saved when emptied because I’m not sure if my current version of anki mobile supports v2 scheduler. Thank you!

2.1 is for desktop client

Currently, Ankimobile is on 2.0.90 which is exactly as yours, and it uses V3 scheduler (if it isn’t enabled, check in the preferences settings)

Please see Filtered Decks - Anki Manual (everything there is applied to ankimobile and ankidroid (alpha versions)


V3 scheduler has the option to save progress in filtered decks ? I only see one option for reschedule.

When rescheduling is enabled, your reviews in the filtered deck affect the card’s scheduling.

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