Scheduler Upgrade

Keep getting a “Scheduler upgrade required” pop-up, instructing me to upgrade to V3 scheduler on my phone. Is there any way to bypass this? It currently won’t allow me to use Anki on my phone unless I upgrade

Nope, v2 scheduler will be deprecated soon since the v3 scheduler will be the default for new users

Is there any add-on which you use that requires v2 scheduler?

If yes, see if this can be used instead


Thank you!!

Just to clarify, “deprecated” is not quite the right word here - both Anki 23.10 and AnkiMobile 23.10 no longer support v2, and the AnkiDroid 2.17 release will not either, so if you’re using any of those versions, it is necessary to upgrade.

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Is there any way to go back to V2 once it is automatically updated? Or is there a plug in I can use? My computer app allows me to turn off V3 scheduling but every time I sync it turns right back on. I have a ton of cards I need to study and the new process doesn’t allow me to study the cards I need even in custom study.

Sorry, the latest version of the app only supports v3, and Apple do not allow you to switch back to an older version of an app. There is no need to though - you just need to adjust your deck options, and it looks like you’ve already enabled ‘new cards ignore review limit’ at this point. I would recommend you reconsider your current limits though - by introducing more new cards than you review, you’re going to end up forgetting a lot of the material again.

I study all of my reviews same day. I am a resident physician with lots to memorize. I am not worried about forgetting. I am worried about being able to study the new material. I am unable to ignore the review limit. Every time I select this option nothing changes. It is deeply frustrating.

You’re using an old computer version. If you update it to a recent Anki release, it should honor the option.

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