Update anki to v3

How do you update anki to v3 scheduler on Mac and iOS? I’m on the v1 scheduler

In addition to this, how do I ensure that my cards will not be reset in learning? Is this an issue? At the moment, my iPhone asks me to update to V2 scheduler, not V3.

Please help and any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much

Hello, there is comprehensive documentation for both versions of the scheduler:



Your issue depends on which Anki version you are using and is addressed in the first document.

Thank you. In the 2021 scheduler document, there is this paragraph:

"It will likely be some time until a stable AnkiDroid release supports the v3 scheduler directly. In the mean time, it will continue to show cards using the v2 scheduler, regardless of the setting you have chosen.

Because the v3 scheduler uses a different approach to gathering and sorting cards, a v2 and v3 client may show a different number of due cards on a given day. While this will not cause scheduling problems, please bear it in mind if you’re switching back and forth."

What does this mean? Does it mean the V3 scheduler is not finalised yet?

It means the Android version of Anki hasn’t implemented the V3 scheduler yet, so the intervals/order of cards may differ when switching between desktop and AnkiDroid.


To clarify, the v3 scheduler is available in the alpha AnkiDroid builds, but not available in a stable release.


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