Can't figure out how to upgrade to v3 scheduler

I’m getting the following warning message when I open Ankiweb, but when I click on the Upgrade button, nothing happens: Scheduler Upgrade Required

To study on AnkiWeb, your collection needs to be updated to the [V3 scheduler].

DATA LOSS WARNING: you are currently using the V1 scheduler, so the upgrade will require a one-way sync. If you sync any devices with AnkiWeb, please make sure your devices and AnkiWeb are fully in sync before you continue.


You look to have updated to v3, so I’m assuming you were able to resolve the issue?

Yes. Thanks so much for your reply. I followed the directions at the very bottom of the documentation for V3. I was afraid to do it, because there are still strong warning messages “This is experimental, you may lose all your data” kind of thing on the Ankidroid app. But I finally went ahead and did it anyway. Are those warnings obsolete? Really appreciate your response. I love Anki and have been using it for many years for both foreign languages and chess tactics. My favorite app. Thanks.

P.S. I wonder if you know why the “Upgrade” button on my Ankiweb did not work. When I pressed it to upgrade, it just went on to the next card, with no upgrade. Another odd thing happened. I finally found the box to check in Anki Desktop for the V3 scheduler, which I checked. This made the Upgrade message go away for a couple of times, but then the message came back and the box in Anki Desktop had been unchecked. Is this perhaps because it was syncing back with Ankidroid, which had not been upgraded yet. When I finally upgraded Ankidroid and check the box, all was well. But I’d still like to understand this so I don’t have the same problem with the next upgrade. It was always to smooth and easy before this one. Thanks again for all your work!

I don’t think you can upgrade the scheduler from ankiweb, you need to do it in the apps.

Regarding the change you mention, it sounds like a syncing problem as you said.

AnkiWeb does have an upgrade button. It sounds like what happened here is AnkiDroid was not syncing the setting correctly, undoing the upgrade when you synced. The sync handling should be improved when AnkiDroid 2.17 is released.

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