Problem with "Anki 2.1 new scheduler" needs to update

Everytime I open Anki I have this message on the app, I tried to update by clicking the button but there is still the message.
I update Anki too but still there.
Anki version : 2.1.46

Capture d’écran 2021-08-10 à 16.46.31|690x71

Can someone help me please !

I have the same problem too because I reinstalled it without downgrading? apparently. It says, “This profile requires a newer version of Anki to open. Did you forget to use the Downgrade button prior to switching Anki versions?” and then after that I try to hold down shift and reopen the app like I read on reddit, and hit “downgrade and quit” but nothing happens. the app itself does not open period, so I cant even go up to the tool bar and try to check the add-ons one by one to see if one of them is problematic because the tool bar options don’t even come up.

this might help you victor? it didn’t work for me though

@victor38240 after updating the schedule, please sync and choose “Upload”, then sync your other devices and choose “Download”.

@garbagirls you need to install and run the latest version: