Issue with updating scheduler


I’ve updated my Anki to the latest version on the site (v 2.1.65 q6), and I’m trying to open the latest backup that I have. However the message appears saying “Automatic syncing and backups have been disabled while restoring. To enable them again, close the profile or restart Anki.”

However I have gone through and restarted, followed the steps on ‘when-problems-occur.html’, redownloaded Anki, restarted my computer and I cannot go past this message and actually open up my last backup. I would appreciate some help on what could be the issue!

That message is normal when you restore a backup. Could you please describe the problem you are having in more detail, letting us know what you expect to see and what you are seeing instead?

Hi! I updated my post to make it clear but the issue is that I’ve tried a number of ways to restart my Anki but cannot resolve this message and actually open up the backup I have.

Also, I notice that no matter how many times I go ahead and agree to update my scheduler to the V2 scheduler, the message keep reappearing.

When you restore from a backup, it reverts your collection to that point, undoing any changes that have been made since. So if you upgrade the scheduler and then open the backup, you’ll need to upgrade again. Upgrading to the v2 scheduler also requires a one-way sync. You’ll need to make sure you choose Upload when you sync, or you’ll revert to the older AnkiWeb version.

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