ANKI won't let me restore my backup of ANKI cards

ANKI consistently takes forever to load on my quick Mac computer. Also, it asks me to update every time that I open ANKI and I have already updated it several times. On the last update, ANKI erased my cards. When I try to restore the last ANKI backup on my computer, it will not let me downgrade and quit my account, nor will it load the backup. All of my 500 ANKI cards are gone and I cannot get them back. Please help. I would really love to do a zoom call to fix the issue if that is possible.

Following the steps in may help reveal the problem.



This has not resolved the problem. I have the latest version of Anki and I still get this message every single time I open it. I try to restore the backup but it doesn’t let me restore the latest backup because it says that automatic synching is disabled. I have to restore this backup as the other backups do not have nearly as much information on them. I have closed Anki several times and after I open it the same thing happens every time. This is extremely frustrating and I need it to be fixed.

The first screenshot indicates that your profile requires a newer version of Anki. You should consider updating to the latest version as recommended in the link I posted above.

The second screenshot indicates that the backup has been restored successfully but Anki disabled automatic syncing and backups and you need to restart it to re-enable them. Have not your cards been restored after that?

If you have an AnkiWeb account, you may be able to restore your cards from it.
See for more info.

I have updated to the new version of a anti several times and it still has this issue. I just tried ejecting the old update and updating again and finally I got it to go through. Is there a way to force a backup now on Anki? Also, if I add my cards instead through anti web, would that work?

Colby Baron

You probably had an older version of Anki on your computer that you were accidentally opening.

You can create a backup with the File>Export menu option.

Every time that I restart my computer, the new updated version of ANKI deletes and the old one remains. How can I fix this so that the old version is gone and only the new version remains? And is there any way to change ANKI so that it runs faster? Mine runs ridiculously slow

I suspect you are running Anki directly from the dmg file, which is slow. You should start by locating your old Anki icon, and dragging it to the trash. Then after downloading the latest version, open the .dmg file and drag the Anki icon to your Applications folder. If you then run it from there, it should load faster, and remain when you restart.

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