Anki update from old version

Hello, I have been using a long time and not visiting forum for a while.

I see there have been big changes in Anki.

Currently, I am using 2.1.40(A VERY OLD VERSİON) version of Anki in desktop and 2.0.96 in Anki ios.

I am using V2 scheduler currently.

I am happy with current version and happy with my reviews and algorithms.

I dont want to use FSRS.

However, in any case; if I update to last version and update to v3 scheduler; will my reviews gets mesed up?

Because I remember that updating from v1 to v2 was making your reviews messed up. Anything to consider before updating?

Also, in old times; at the anki web site; there was always a sentence:" last stable version of Anki is… “”"
now it’s gone. I cant see the last stable version of anki.

Which is the LAST STABLE version of anki without buggies for updating?

Upgrade from V2 to V3 shouldn’t mess your reviews in any way. The only difference may be that you will receive new cards and reviews in a different order - if you are using decks with subdecks. From the Anki manual The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

The v2 and v3 schedulers are compatible. (…)
Because the v3 scheduler uses a different approach to gathering and sorting cards, a v2 and v3 client may show a different number of due cards on a given day, and may show them in a different order.

If you go to the site and scroll down to “Download Anki” section the last stable release is one listed on the button.


Just to clarify - the amount of cards you get may also change, due to the different way cards are gathered and things like The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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