V1 and v2 Scheduler

Hello everyone,
I used to use the Anki 2.1.25 and I wasn’t planning to update to the new version because I` would like to stay in the “V1 Scheduler”.

However, I accidentally updated my Anki app on Iphone and I was forced to change to V2 Scheduler, which made me update my Anki in computer too.

The V2 Scheduler made this change: “When a deck has children, reviews are taken from all children decks at once, instead of showing one deck at a time.”

That’s exactly what I don’t want. I have more than 25.000 cards organized in a lot of decks (1k+) and helps me a lot to review when Anki shows the cards in order.


1.0 Grandparent (main deck).

1.1 Child one (subdeck).

1.2 Child two (subdeck).

1.3 Child three (subdeck).

If I click in “1.0 Grandparent” to start the review, the “V1 Scheduler” shows first the cards in “1.1 Child one”, then the cards in “1.2 Child two” and finally the cards in “1.3 Child three”.

Is it possible to change some configuration to do that in the “V2 Scheduler”?
Thanks in advance!

It’s possible with the v3 scheduler: The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions


It worked. Thanks!