Review subdecks in no random order

Hey, I am still using scheduler v1 because I read that version 2 and 3 randomize review from subdecks… is it possible to make it exactly as it is in v1?

Both V2 and V3 support this option.

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This option is about inserting order of new cards and when they should be introduced so it’s not what I am looking for.

Let me quote from Anki manual regarding scheduler V2
" * When a deck has children, reviews are taken from all children decks at once, instead of showing one deck at a time."
I assume children mean subdecks. I don’t want all cards taken from all subdecks at once but from each separately exactly like is in scheduler v1. I was hoping that over time someone added an option to enable it.

Sorry for misreading your question. I think the Review sort order option in V3 should do what you want.


Thank you, I did a test and it functions, I’ve noticed new anki is extremely slow, not because cpu since it not uses it much. On linux anki 2.1.34 is extremally fast but Anki on windows 2.1.51 extremely slow between showing answer.

Sounds like video driver issues.

I think is architecture of qt on windows, anki is always slower on windows and on linux much better. At some time, I was thinking about using subsystem of linux on windows just for anki. In a few days I will test anki 2.1.51 in linux to see how it performs with regard to windows version