A way to learn all decks at once and mixed

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using anki for a week now and I have one deck (deck 1) that contains other decks (deck A, deck B, deck C,…). I’ve noticed that I can learn all the decks at once by chosing deck 1, but it starts by all the cards (review cards and new cards) from deck A, then all the cards from deck B, and so on.
Is there a way to be able to see all the review cards from each deck at once and then learn some new cards from different decks at once ?
For example :
5 review cards + 27 new cards in deck a
2 review cards + 21 new cards in deck b
3 review cards + 22 new cards in deck c
I would like to be able to learn : all the 10 review cards mixed and then all the 50 new cards mixed.

Thanks for your help ! :smiley:

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You can enable the V2 scheduler, which supports mixed reviews.


I will try this ! Thanks ! :smiley: