Anki 2.1.44: Rollback scheduler to v2 from v3?

Few days ago I updated Anki. Anki proposed me to update the scheduler to v3. Now I discovered that the Android Anki app does not support the new scheduler yet.

Can I rollback the scheduler to v2 and if yes, how?

Thanks in advance

The V3 (2021) scheduler is introduced with Anki 2.1.45, which is still in beta.

Does it really say V3 and not V2?
V2 is supported by AnkiDroid, altough you have to manually enable it under Settings -> Advanced.


Ah wow, I mistook the time zone handling update for the scheduler update for whatever reason.

In case you weren’t aware, the latest AnkiDroid does support the new timezone code, so I’d recommend updating to it instead if your device supports it.

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The update just came in. For whatever reason I was still on 2.1.35 even though in the Playstore it was showing 2.1.45 as the current version.

Now it works as expected, nice