Anki mobile change to V2 scheduler

Hello, I have recently updated the anki mobile version which includes the v3 version, is there anyway to change v3 back to v2 as I find the filtered deck count algorithm better.

V2 is not supported anymore.


I noticed that in my filter deck, some of the review cards suddenly became learning cards. Because I’m pretty sure I haven’t looked at the card yet but it appears in my learning bunch.

That sort of sounds like a bug. Are there steps you can take to reproduce it?

It seems to appear when i study for a bit in the filter deck, and then leave it to go to the main decks page and then pressing back into the filter deck, the learning cards (the red repeating ones) seem to have some unseen cards before.

Please use the cog>‘card info’ action on a card you think has been shown incorrectly - it will show you the history of when the card has been reviewed before. If you have a question about how the card has been scheduled, please attach a screenshot of the history here, and describe why you think it is incorrect.

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