V2.1 scheduler doesnt work on AnkiMobile

Why does AnkiMobile(ios) doesnt support v2.1 scheduler? I did activated v2.1scheduler on my laptop and then did a full sync in AnkiMobile in my iphone. However, when I try to study on AnkiMobile, it appears that the v2.1 scheduler did not activated.For example, when I am learning new cards on AnkiMobile, I am still seeing only 3 options(again,good and easy) on AnkiMobile.

How can I activate the v2.1 scheduler on my iphone? Any help is happily appreciated.
By the way, I am currently using Anki 2.1.15 on my laptop and ios 11.3.1 on my iphone.(AnkiMobile version is the latest one)

It sounds like the setting didn’t sync across for some reason. Please force a full sync in the preferences of the computer version and upload, then sync AnkiMobile and choose download, and it should then show the extra button.

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Yes, I forced to a full sync 4-5 times and it worked.

I am really thankful for your interests and help.Appreciated.

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