Earliest AnkiMobile version with new scheduler support

I use AnkiMobile on a relatively old iPad, but it continues to work well for me. Unfortunately, it can no longer update the AnkiMobile app. My question is which version of AnkiMobile is the earliest that has support for the new Scheduler?

I honestly don’t care which scheduler I use. I’m perfectly happy with the old one. (If there’s something great about the new one, well, ignorance is bliss.) If my iPad can’t run a compatible version, I’d rather keep using the iPad than use the new scheduling. If that’s the case, is there a way to disable the daily upgrade nag in Anki desktop?

Support was introduced in 2018, but there have been bugfixes since. Future desktop versions are likely to drop v1 support completely at one point, so if you’re stuck on an older iOS and can’t update AnkiMobile, I’d recommend not updating the computer version past 2.1.40.

The version of AnkiMobile I am using on the old iPad is 2.0.32. Does that work with the new scheduling or not?

The earliest support was in 2.0.39 I’m afraid.

Okay, thanks for checking. I’m sure at some point I’ll update the old iPad. (It has a cracked screen after all.) But in the mean time, thanks for tips on how to keep going with it.