Older versions of Anki IOS


My phone works on IOS 12.5.7. I would really like to download the Anki mobile app, but it needs at least IOS 14 to work. Is it possible to find and older version of the app somewhere?

Thank you for your help!

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Apple don’t make it easy. If you purchase the app with a newer device, you may be able to then download an older version on your older device, but as this is handled by Apple, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee it will work.

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I also have this issue. I have purchased anki on my personal iPhone, but I wanted to install anki on an old iPhone that I could leave by my bed as a dedicated anki phone with no other distractions. It’s an iPhone 6 so the highest iOS version is iOS 12.

I was unable to purchase the app new; but when I linked my iCloud account Apple let me download the old version of the app, so I got it working!

If you simultaneously use an old version and a new version of Anki on different phones, you might find some incompatibility with the old scheduler.

In particular, you won’t be able to use the new FSRS scheduler, which is really a game changer.

I think you might be able to buy an affordable old iPad which would still be able to run the latest Anki. Maybe an iPad Mini 4, for instance.

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